Visual Artist
The Glorious Mothers are about to go on a new art residency with children. Thanks to the organization by Miriam Secco we will be hosted in Castello Cabiaglio (Varese). In the second edition of this mothers and children residency, the latin title ACQUIFERAE refers to water holding/bringing and animals. There will be labs and workshops around this theme, some of them open to children and to the public!
 Cristina Cusani  |  Grossi Maglioni  |  Mariana Ferratto  |  Mariangela Pastorello  |  Caterina Pecchioli  |  Lorena Peris 
Dafne Salis  |   Miriam Secco  |  Angela Viola


Goodbye and thank you, my MA(ta)SSE. 

Wherever you go, whatever hands and eyes you touch, a part of me will always cross those threads. 
Thanks to all those who, during these 12 years, and until last night, have wanted to keep a #MAtaSSA for themselves. 
Thanks to Nina Haynal for having supported, collaborated and participated in my performative act

Angela Viola
August 5th, 2022
Riordinare le proprie interiorità: quando strappare e ricucire definisce l’identità. Intervista ad Angela Viola
a cura di Margaret Sgarra

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