Photo credit Nina Haynal

Angela Viola was born in Palermo in 1981.
She is graduated in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo and now she lives in Cereggio, Italy.  Her research has often worked through the investigation of internal conflict in the small social unit, the family and today her research is based on the relationship between human beings and nature. She has worked with media such as paper, canvas, ink, pictures lost and found, cotton thread and other materials, often very small and unconventional objects . Her work sometimes comes from a very personal space and experiences lived by the artist, as was reflected in the MA(ta)SSE serie. From the year 2016, she was founder and president of KAMart in residence, a cultural association that promoted art residency and art workshop in her last home and art studio.
Art project: Let's stART studio