Project name:
Symbiotic organs

Short description
The symbiotic relationship between man and nature has been compromised: the need for an intervention and attention towards our Earth also passes through the solicitation of the language of art: the symbiotic organs project provides for the site-specific installation of an organ, chosen and designed for the place where it will be destined, which will establish a new symbiotic relationship (of living together) of Nature with man. Each organ is suspended, apparently it has no weight: the cavities are empty, only the shell remains, which could deteriorate, if abandoned, or become a home for living beings.

Technique | techniques used
Installation - site specific. Natural and / or recycled materials.

Technical needs
The conditions of the space (in height and laterally to the work itself) must allow the organ to be suspended with a fishing line.

Space required (room or other measures)
The "organs" can have variable dimensions and be designed according to the context and / or the portion of space in which they will be set up.

Preparation times 
A day

For the request to carry out the project in your space, contact the artist by email

First site specific

Sentiero del faro, Ligonchio (RE)
installation, cm 160 x 150 x 140
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