Project name:
Symbiotic organs

Short description
The symbiotic relationship between man and nature has been compromised: the need for an intervention and attention towards our Earth also passes through the solicitation of the language of art: the symbiotic organs project provides for the site-specific installation of an organ, chosen and designed for the place where it will be destined, which will establish a new symbiotic relationship (of living together) of Nature with man. Each organ is suspended, apparently it has no weight: the cavities are empty, only the shell remains, which could deteriorate, if abandoned, or become a home for living beings.

Technique | techniques used
Installation - site specific. Natural and / or recycled materials.

Technical needs
The conditions of the space (in height and laterally to the work itself) must allow the organ to be suspended with a fishing line.

Space required (room or other measures)
The "organs" can have variable dimensions and be designed according to the context and / or the portion of space in which they will be set up.

Preparation work on site:
minimum two weeks

Construction work:
1 week


"Plants, on the other hand, have a widespread organization model," writes Stefano Mancuso. "The vital functions are not concentrated in an organ, but are distributed over the entire body. If we see with the eyes, hear with the ears, breathe with the lungs, reason with the brain etc_; plants see, hear, breathe and reason with their whole body. That is why one can damage one percent of a plant without ceasing to live.”

For the request to carry out the project in your space, contact the artist by email

First site specific

Sentiero del faro, Ligonchio (RE)
installation, cm 160 x 150 x 140
Second site specific

Simbiotic organs
Corte Campanini, Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE)
installation, cm 200 x 160 x 80
Third site specific

Simbiotic organs
DAS Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali, Bologna
COLLAGENE | proteine culturali - Art residence and exhibition in collaboration with Demetrio Cecchitelli
installation, cm 200 x 120 x 70
Fourth site specific

Simbiotic organs
Villa Verde, Reggio Emilia
installation, cm 200 x 120 x 70